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A team that cares for you

Take advantage of the experience of a team made up of experts from different financial and economic sectors.

Centbycent LTD is a management consulting firm that uses in-depth industry knowledge and analysis to help you as a business leader achieve practical results with real impact. We are uncompromising in helping you to consistently make better decisions and achieve improved business performance.


Our mission is to make a significant contribution to YOUR success.


Our vision is to continuously expand our portfolio of services offered to you without compromising the quality you expect from us. On our path of growth we will lead you to success.


Developing people. Delivering results.


Wealth management

As our client, you receive the same fiduciary support and quality that institutional investors receive. Our aim is to ensure that you have a clear view of your financial life, that your investments are consistent with your beliefs and that you can focus time and energy on your passions, families and goals.

Business & Private Coaching

We work with you to develop the skills you already have. We bring out the "best" in you. We help you to develop your goals, brainstorm together and motivate you in your company.

Worldwide Corporate & Private networks

Our network of companies and private individuals is exclusively dedicated to cross-border cooperation. Become a part of this network, use it for yourself, enrich it with your skills and contacts for the benefit of all.

Business start-ups

Our consultancy services for your start-up and early stage focus on practical, cost effective solutions that actually work. We understand the problems you face every day in the early stages: lots of ideas, huge potential, combined with tight budgets and limited resources.

Strategy development for blockchain applications

It is still a challenge for you to take a step towards blockchain, as often a lack of transparency and uncertainty is a bad advisor. Together with you, we will solve the knot and integrate the blockchain into your business processes or develop new opportunities to increase your competitiveness.

Personal development, motivation, training

We support your employees and managers in all change processes, with a focus on competence development through training and coaching.

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